An Inside Look At Bindi Irwin’s Road To Motherhood: Pregnant With Twins



Bindi Irwin couldn’t wait to share the good news. On August 11, she took to Instagram to announce that she and husband Chandler Powell are expecting.

“It’s an honor to share this special moment in our lives with you,” she wrote. “Though I’m still in my first trimester, we really want you to be part of our journey from the beginning of this new life chapter,” Bindi continued. “Your support means the world to us.”

But the wildlife conservationists left out one major detail: A source tells OK! That Bindi is pregnant with twins! “She and Chandler just found out and have been slowly revealing the big news to family and friends,” says the source.


“It was a total surprise.” Bindi, 22 – who wed the former pro wakeboarder, 23, in a quiet ceremony at her family’s Australia Zoo in Queensland just five months ago – suspected she was expecting when her usual breakfast of brown rice and veggies turned her stomach.

“She saw her doctor, and her pregnancy was confirmed. And when they told her it was twins, her reaction was total shock,” the source adds. “Bindi was floored, actually! She’s nervous and excited at the same time.”

Bindi’s mom Terri, was the first person they told. The 56-year-old widow – her beloved husband, Steve, tragically died in 2006 at age 44 after a stingray attack – was overcome with emotion. “She couldn’t hold back the happy tears,” shares the source, adding that Bindi believes her late dad would be beyond thrilled as well. “She knows Steve’s looking down on her and beaming with pride. If he were alive, he’d be telling all the animals at the zoo and jumping around with joy.”


While the newlyweds have yet to learn the gender of their twins, the source say they’ve told friends, “We want a boy and a girl” – and that they plan to name their son after Bindi’s dad. “Early on in their relationship, Chandler promised he’d honor Steve by naming one of their kids after him, and Bindi was so touched,” reveals the source.

“She loves Chandler all the more for keeping his word and has no doubt that her dad would be tickled and proud to have a grandson named after him.”

Though Bindi’s due date is still months away – “She’s around 12 weeks right now,” says the source – she’s already sporting a small baby bump. “Bindi’s had some pretty bad morning sickness, but she’s such a trouper, she doesn’t let it get her down. She’s eating a nutritious diet and has gained a healthy amount of weight so far,” spills the source, adding that Bindi’s also been happily giving in to her crazy cravings.

“She’s been eating lots of jalapenos, pickles and dried mangoes dipped in peanut butter – and Chandler’s been very sweet, bringing her ice cream late at night,” the source continues. “He feels like it’s his job to make sure Bindi has everything she needs, whether it’s a helping hand at the zoo or a foot rub after a long day. He’s such a doting husband.”


Chandler plans to be equally attentive during their planned home birth. “The thought of going to a hospital where there are so many strangers is overwhelming to Bindi, so she intends to have the babies at home at her family’s zoo,” reveals the source, noting that it’s the place Bindi feels most comfortable. “They’ll keep a hospital on standby, just in case. But as long as everything’s going well with the pregnancy, that’s the plan.”

Friends have no doubt that Bindi will be a great mom. “She’s naturally maternal, and she’s been present for the birth of every species on their wildlife reserve, from snakes and crocodiles to giraffes and leopards,” says the source. “Motherhood is in her blood.”

And while the idea of having twins has given her some mom-to-be jitters, Bindi’s keeping her cool. “She’s been reminding herself that if she can tackle a baby crocodile, she’s got this covered, hands down,” adds the source. “Plus, she and Chandler had been talking about starting a family together since the early days. These babies are just the beginning for them.”

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