Sam Smith & Demi Lovato Have a New Song, ‘I’m Ready,’ Out on Friday!



Sam Smith and Demi Lovato have a new duet coming out titled “I’m Ready” – and we’ll hear it this Friday!

The new track will be featured on the 27-year-old British singer’s upcoming third album, out later this year.

“Incredibly happy to release this song with my gorgeous and talented friend. I love you Demi!! Can’t wait for you all to hear it THIS FRIDAY xx,” Sam wrote on Instagram.

“I never doubted that it would work, I think mainly because I’m a student of Demi’s voice probably,” Sam told ET of the new song.

“Growing up listening to her music and singing her music and trying to sing like Demi Lovato, I’ve been training for this moment for a long time. I absolutely adore her,” they added.

“As well as her incredible talent, everything she stands for as a human being is what I believe in and I just adore her. So, I’m so happy it’s worked and I hope this isn’t the last time we sing together,” Sam continued.

They also shared how the duet came about.

“I’d been in contact with Demi for the last few years and before music or anything, I wanted to reach out to her as a friend and that’s what I did,” Sam said. “She came to the studio and she’s in an amazing place. She’s the strongest person I’ve ever known and what she’s gone through is something that I can’t imagine how she’s felt at times.”

“I have struggled myself with loads of mental health issues and watching her journey and her composure through all of this is just so inspiring to me, it really is.”


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