This Woman Shed 95 Pounds By Following Two Simple Techniques

Society as a whole is obsessed with appearance—it’s undeniable. We all check the mirror before we leave home, sometimes more than once. We all try to squeeze into clothes that fit us years ago in an attempt to convince ourselves that we look just as good. We search diligently for that one amazing trick that will help us lose weight.

This is Molly’s story. She experienced all of these challenges, too, and she managed to overcome. Here’s how!

10. Set Yourself Up For Success


Molly attributes her weight loss success to her mental disposition. More specifically, two key mindsets helped.

The first is drive—the ability to go absolutely beast-mode and work towards a goal with no possibility of failure in your mind. To be driven requires enormous amounts of willpower, but it can be achieved with practice and time.

9. The Second Game Changing Technique


Being driven doesn’t mean never failing, but it does mean that you have to be accountable when you do. That’s the second technique that Molly says is crucial to having success in your weight loss journey.

Hold yourself accountable when you make mistakes, but more importantly, hold yourself accountable when you set a goal. If you can only go to the gym at 6 a.m. every morning, then make sure you get your butt out of bed and to the gym!

Up next is the motivation you need to get started.

8. Just Do It, But Do It Now!


We all make excuses. Whether it’s “I’m too busy” or “I like food too much,” we repeat these lines so we don’t feel so bad when we don’t exercise or eat healthy. We keep procrastinating and we never really reach the place we want to be.

Enough is enough! If you’re one of those people saying that you’ll make a change tomorrow, then make tomorrow today—just do it already! As Molly says, “Change it, NOW!”

7. It’s Not Just Weight Loss…


Take a second and realize that all of these mind hacks don’t just apply to weight loss. They apply to everything in life. If you can master the techniques of accountability and drive throughout your weight loss journey, you can utilize those same two techniques in everything in life.

Here are more details of Molly’s incredible transformation…

6. How Good It Feels After Losing 95 Pounds


‘This is what happy looks like. This is what hard work paying off looks like. This is where I made my dreams come true.”

Don’t we all want to be able to express emotions like Molly is? Reaching your goal and experiencing the things you always imagined is incredible, and something you don’t want to hold yourself back from. Start with a dream and focus on it becoming a reality.

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