Pass Drug Tests By Using These Proven Workarounds

Nearly half of the United States have legalized marijuana in some capacity. Today, it’s hard not to take a toke. Many jobs within these states still require drug tests. You can also be surprised with a drug test for educational, athletic, or legal reasons.

Here’s what you need to know about drug screenings, as well as ways to pass.

8. Types Of Tests

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If you’re going to take a drug test, then it is likely you will have to take one of the following: urine, saliva, and hair.

Urine tests are the most widely used to test for cannabis, cocaine, meth, opiates, and PCP. Since cannabis is the most widely used, you should know how long it stays in your system…

7. THC System Lifespan

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If you smoke once or twice, THC will only stay in your system for five to eight days. A smoker who gets high two to four times per week will spend 11–18 days with THC in their system. Smoking weed five to six times per day will take about 33–48 days to get out of the system.

Finally, a daily smoker will typically have to wait for 49–63 days for clearance.

6. Water, Water, And More Water

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The easiest way to pass a drug test is to simply not smoke. Habitual smokers should leave enough time between the drug test to pass it naturally.

Drinking a lot of water can speed up the process. In addition, drinking a few glasses before the test will help dilute the sample.

There are also alternatives to water…

5. Drinking Diuretics

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Drinking diuretics like coffee and pure cranberry juice are also good options. There are herbal and all-natural options available at your local health food store. These are meant to act as cleansers of the body.

However, too many of these diuretics can dilute the sample, causing a false negative.

4. Take Supplements

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B vitamins will give your urine a natural looking yellow tint, helping to quell any suspicions that a tester may have about a very clear sample.

In order to get the THC flushed from your system naturally, there are plenty of powders and drinks on the market. Head shops will also have products like the ones in #3…

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